Built of wood and stone with own and unique style and unselfish devotion.

The parts of the restaurant are:
-    Hall with capacity of 100 sitplaces
-    Summer garden with capacity of 250 sitplaces, where you can have your celebrations or business meetings.
-    Children's playground and mini ZOO

One of the largest advantage of the restaurant is the possess of own pool with fishes and for those who likes fish and fish specialtis, the biggest joy is the posssibility to choice fish for the meal on the way that you just pick with your finger on a salmonide, carp or on a sheatfish and at your will, it will be prepared for meal in front of your eyes.

For those who don't want to participate in the act of killing animals, they have a rich menu of vegeterian meals and the salads which are made of fresh vegetables collected from own garden which isn't sprinkler with any type of pesticide, which means that you eat apsolute healty and fresh foot at our restaurant.


Kitchen is rich of domestic and traditional specialtis.

From our rich offer we give accent on:
-    12 kinds of sea and freshwater fish
-    All kinds of chowderfrom which we accent on fish and veal chowder
-   10 kinds of chops and stakes which prepares of fresh veal meat
-    Rich offer of grilled meals
-  Specialty of the house is traditional meal Roast below the „sač““ which are for the difference of other restaura-ntes, prepare at the garden of the restaurant, in front of guests eyes

For those who have real sophisticated taste – with the price of around ten KM they can eat fillets of shark.

Except salty meals and many drinks you can enjoy in tasty deserts.

With discrete appropriate music (which on teh evening become live), good offer of black & white vines and kinds of different aperitifs, and eternal ripple of couple fountains, this is the place where time stand still. ©copyrights reserved, design by P1x3L